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Online Experience Creator & Consultant


I started making $4 an hour in 2014 online and now I am generating constant 4 figures every month with my OWN clients and students!
I got a degree in Event Planning from Universidad de Palermo in Argentina. While finishing my degree in 2014 I started working as an admin virtual assistant. I learned content creation, social media growth, Graphic design, web design, bot building, Facebook/IG ads, copywriting, funnel building, and loads of other tools. I launched some courses here and there in Spanish teaching digital marketing... I became an Agency Partner with Manychat in 2018 I started to grow in the chat marketing area. But in 2019 I started getting clients by referral to help them design and set up the tech for virtual summits. And it just made sense for me to pivot into virtual event planning with automation.

So after the almost global lockdown in March 2020, I saw how around the world overwhelmed coaches that needed bot automation and I decided to launch and host a virtual summit to solve this need. It made $1.2k without any discovery calls with the wrong prospect, no big promotion or sales sleazy tactics. My first 4 figures for a program I created! I got SO excited!
After the event is over I kept closing clients that participated in my virtual event. 
So what’s the secret?
I got a secret formula that mixes Tech, Creativity, & Heart that makes your ideal customers fall from the sky! 
This formula is fun so that any overwhelm of the workload from creating a virtual event and the technology fear pops away! The insecurities and financial distress will pop like bubbles of champagne! POP it goes away!

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Meet the Speakers:

Bill Dolan

Emmy-nominated TV Director, Author and Speaker

Julia Baxter

Founder Brand Studio 
Brand Strategist

Heidi Anspaugh

Conversion Copywriter

Brandon Hofer

Online Coach Creator

Kera Wasserbach

Co-founder of On the Edge Events and The Virtual Event Experts

Bailey Richert

Business Coach 
2-Comma Club Award

Kristen Robinson

Lead Generation Specialist
of KRDMarketing

Alexandra Bytchkova

Virtual Events Coach

Erin Lomnan Jeck

CEO of Transformational Speakers Agency, TEDx Speaking Coach


Founder Level Comm LLC 

Wendi Freeman

CEO & Founder of
Be Bright Events

Alice Edgerton

Co-founder of On the Edge Events 

Blue Melnick

SAGE Events

Andrew C Ybarra

Lifted Audio Visual Productions 

Laurel Portié

Social Media Ads Expert
Emmy Awards Winner

Awards, Where & Who Speakers Have Worked With:

Check Out the Agenda

Day One

* Learn how to produce an irresistible virtual event that creates a bigger impact and income.
* Types of virtual events you can design.
​​* Why start with virtual summits to grow your email list and authority.
* The power of collaboration through virtual events & summits.
* Booking the best speakers easily & creating everlasting relationships.

Day Two

* Learn how to design your virtual events' Branding.
* Create copy that fills up your virtual events with ease.
* How to create your irresistible premium (HTO) offer for your virtual event.
* How to close from a virtual stage like a boss and reach your goals.
* Create mic drop moments with confidence as a virtual event host!

Day Three

* Learn how to Create engagement through unlocking collective wisdom. 
* Importance of Luxury Swag and how they enhance the experience of a virtual event.
* How to host your Live virtual event from your living room with simple tech!
* Home studio tips And how using music for engagement is the most powerful tool!
* How to always Attract High-Quality Attendees for Your Next Virtual Event with FB/yt Ads

"Irresistible Marketing & Design Agency (Anna and her team) did a fantastic job with creating a website and opt-in for my 21-day summit. They went above and beyond with keeping me accountable for certain items they needed to complete the website. They also resolved any minor link problems in a very timely manner! I would highly recommend them!"

Nicki Hu
Social Media & Life Coach
I have had the pleasure of using Anna as my event production manager for all of my 3 free online video series/summits over the past 3 years. She managed all aspects of production, including monetizing all three summits. The first one more than paid for all production costs through the sale of the series. The sales for the second series earned more than twice the cost of the series production and I anticipate that the third, which is now in production, will do even better.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the money that I’ve made from the expansion of my business through her support of my events. My second launch brought in over $60,000 in ONE month in client service sales. I could not have reached that number without Anna.

Anna is organized, enthusiastic, a great communicator, reliable, accountable, accessible, responsive, knowledgeable of all aspects and creative! I could never have asked for a better event manager! I didn’t even mention reasonably priced! I know people who pay much more and end up with a sub-standard product, which would not happen with Anna.

Anna is an absolutely fundamental part of my online success! I’m constantly telling her that I don’t know what I would do without her and I mean it.
Helen Hillix, MA, LMFT

Host of the Sacred Sexuality Summits

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